New Owners, New Season, New Arrivals!

New Owners, New Season, New Arrivals

Kuna brand alpaca coats are stunning


We call this the shredded-collar coat.


Kuna’s creamy boiled wool coat. In stock at Renee’s now.

Now is the time to visit Renee’s! You’ll find all kinds of beautiful seasonal arrivals. Take a breath, pause, and relax as you walk through our doors. Feel the luxurious and lofty sweaters, take a peek at lots of new brands, say hello to the new owners, Sue and Sharon. You won’t want to miss this season at Renee’s!


This plaid alpaca coat will go with everything.


You’ve got to feel this softness to believe it.

Kuna is just one of the new brands in-store. Take thousands of years of Peruvian Alpaca breeding and textile experience. Combine that with generations of apparel manufacturing expertise, modern technology and a deep respect for natural fibers. The result is superior quality, high fashion, practical function, and lasting durability. This is Kuna.
Did you know alpaca is softer, lighter and stronger than cashmere or sheep wool? Alpaca fiber has no lanolin (the oil found in sheep wool), making it hold less dust, allergens and bacteria. It’s odor, stain, flame and wrinkle resistant. Products made of alpaca fiber are unusually easy to care for and long-lived. Find out more about  alpaca here and here.

Sue and Sharon Take On the Big Apple


On another note, Sue and Sharon took on the Big Apple last month. What a fun trip they had!


suewneck redscarf

This was their first trip to New York. They worked hard…


… and they took in a few sites, too.


Then they worked all the way home!


Come in and check out the all-new Renee’s soon!

Sue and Sharon would love to meet you!

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